In early September, the IFA, including SONY, B&O and samsung, unveiled their first real wireless stereo bluetooth headsets at the show. What is a “real wireless stereo bluetooth headset”? It’s the same type of AirPods that were launched last year with the iphone 7. There’s no connection between the two earphones. In fact, earlier, including MOTOROLA and other big and small brands have already shipped the same products, we can say that the earphone market has a new topic.

Here we don’t fastidious who was the first true wireless bluetooth stereo headset, after almost a year of time, this a few big brands is certainly also see AirPods from haven’t delivery were all hated, and then the big well received, the goods is hard to find, to find the category to be a good gimmick, can be used to make a new point of consumption.

Why do you say true wireless stereo bluetooth headset is a stunt, great wireless bluetooth headset more than a line of bluetooth headsets, physically, a better performance, function stronger experience? Not really! AirPods aren’t easy to fall out of the earhole, but they’re relatively easy to lose, and it’s hard to find places to put them when they’re not in use. True wireless will not change the limited battery life of bluetooth headset, the loss of wireless data transmission, and the decrease of audio quality due to wireless data compression. Can say true wireless bluetooth headset can do, normal bluetooth headset can also do, normal bluetooth headset can still hang around the neck when not in use temporarily.

Actually have other headphones as early as before release AirPods giant had similar products, but nobody focus on underwhelming, now it has become a new hotspot, shows that the influence of the apple is really have nothing to say, even has always liked habits change user SONY this time can only follow the steps. But both apple and SONY’s official website, there is no point to say was a bluetooth wireless headset, less the wires have what good, in fact also really nothing obvious advantages, I can think of no more than is in motion when no wire contact with the skin is unwell, slightly a little light, really nothing to write home about. Still, the same class of true wireless bluetooth headset doesn’t cost much more than a wired bluetooth headset.

Announced at the beginning of this year, market research firm NPD wireless headset inside AirPods has occupied 3% market share and this is just the AirPods shipment a month of time, suggests consumer acceptance still quite high. In the last few days, BOSE also released their gathering true wireless bluetooth headset SoundSport Free, but did not have the specialty of noise reduction technology, so it seems everyone find true wireless bluetooth headset is a profitable project.

How do wireless headphones capture the market?

The AirPods are Apple’s second wearable device after the Apple Watch, with various interactive features with Apple devices. SONY wf-1000x integrates active noise reduction (AirPods can only make noise while talking and listen to songs); Samsung Gear IconX is a heart rate can be detected and many function of sport headphones, must take a special function, build on global movement now thermal agitation, are the characteristics of wireless bluetooth headset has its unique value.

Bluetooth headset can now talk about sound quality

With hope for a true wireless bluetooth headset can bring experience with obvious change, the author think it is better to look forward to the android 8.0 supported by qualcomm aptX HD and SONY LDAC, two technologies for bluetooth quality brought about by the increased substantially. SONY has licensed Google’s LDAC technology to be more than three times more efficient than the standard bluetooth encoding system (24-bit/96 kHz, the highest rate of 990kbps), while the slightly lower aptX HD can also support 24-bit/48kHz 576kbps. In simple terms, it supports higher sampling rate, transmission bandwidth, high quality (CD and even hi-res Audio quality) Audio transmission.

Just these two technologies have their shortcomings, first of all, they are still not lossless audio technology, then improve quality brings power consumption increased significantly, but also more vulnerable to other wireless signal interference, the intermittent sound. In addition, it is necessary to support these two technologies from front-end devices to bluetooth headsets, and enjoy the quality of the improved quality. But even that is a real technological upgrade that can bring about qualitative change.

The apple system is temporarily not equipped with high-quality bluetooth audio transmission scheme

It is disappointing that these two high quality bluetooth audio technologies have not been found to be available on existing real wireless bluetooth headsets, including the price of two AirPods. The more I’m sorry, apple users will not be able to enjoy these two technologies, because aptXHD qualcomm chip is inherited, LDAC is SONY, unless apple itself to developing the same kind of technology or SONY would like to authorize, at least at this stage the android party one more teaching fruit powder to be dry.

Bluetooth headsets can’t replace wired headphones but the market is getting bigger

Objectively, spend the same price, wired headset timbre effect must be better than bluetooth headset, but the reality is more and more people choose the bluetooth headset listening to music, especially iPhone7 began to cancel after the 3.5 mm headphone jack traditional accelerate the tendency, while cell phones will cancel traditional headphone jack or unknown, bluetooth wireless is greatly released the bondage of connected to the front-end equipment, but on the sound quality sound effects to a certain extent reduce the dependence on the front-end device output effect.

Although true wireless bluetooth headset will not bring substantial increase, more than just a game, but nowadays more and more domestic mobile phone brand has not been the standard headphones directly, also promoted the consumption of everyone on the headset, since want to buy, as long as a little spending power will buy a good one pace reachs the designated position, even to buy several more in the play, are common. Made according to market research firm Gartner, expects 2017 global wearable equipment sales to 310 million units, the market capacity of up to $30.5 billion, including bluetooth headset accounted for nearly half of the 48% of the market, bluetooth headset will still is one of the biggest shipments wearable devices, this situation will continue until 2021, a year more than 200 million vice. Simply put, this product is more and more popular, and the market continues to have a lot to do.

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