On January 3, 2017, Las Vegas, Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: PCLN – news) (NASDAQ: end) announced today that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, International, ltd. on its CSR8675 product platform is introduced into active noise control (ANC) technology, make it become the world’s first integrated the advanced audio solutions for bluetooth audio system level chip (SoC). New features make it without independent ANC chip, reduces the complexity of using active noise reduction technology in the headphones and cost, and help manufacturers in designing the shape of smaller quickly achieve the top audio experience.

By moving the ANC technology integration in suitable CSR8675 subminiature terminal design, Qualcomm will turn small form in-ear design to a new level, and will give preference to use earplugs consumers bring higher quality audio experience. CSR8675 is a fully integrated with embedded 120 MHZ 24 DSP Flash platform, it also supports Qualcomm ® aptX ™ and Qualcomm ® aptX ™ HD audio technology, can be achieved via bluetooth consistently high quality audio.

“The demand for wireless stereo access terminals and headphones is growing rapidly,” says Anthony Murray, senior vice President and general manager at Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. Users want to enjoy an excellent audio experience in any environment without sacrificing audio quality while listening to music, video, and playing games. As the first company to introduce a bluetooth audio system-level chip that integrates active noise reduction technology, we can now work with manufacturers to integrate active noise reduction technology in their various products. At the same time, more and more consumers who have experienced noise reduction in high-end headphones also hope that this feature will be available in lighter, cheaper audio headphones.

“We have added CSR8675 to our active de-noising bluetooth headset to provide high quality audio experience,” said Tom Li, executive vice President of Fujikon Industrial Co., Ltd. Because of the integration of the ANC technology with CSR8675, we can create real value for our customers both in terms of cost and performance for end-users. The playback time of the headset can be extended to about 12 hours, while its noise reduction can be as high as -23db.

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