1.Does the indicator light when the bluetooth headset plugs in?

The built-in lithium battery may take about 10 minutes to activate and plug in the charger. Please wait 10 to 30 minutes if the lights are not on.

2.Bluetooth headset can’t work?

First, check the instruction manual to check if you have pressed the right boot button, and then follow the instructions to keep the specified time, usually 5 seconds.

3.Unable to search for bluetooth headset?

After individual bluetooth headset boot without into pairing mode can be found by mobile phone, the common bluetooth headset off 8 seconds long press the power button (8 seconds) must be red and blue lights flashing when can enter into pairing mode, some bluetooth headset need to press the button to enter two volume at the same time matching mode or a dedicated matching buttons.

4.The phone can’t match the bluetooth headset?

The bluetooth headset enters the pairing mode on the phone: find the device — enter the matching code — set to the authorized device — connect. The normal bluetooth headset does not need a matching code. If the matching code is required to be “0000”, the actual matching code is based on the instruction manual.

5.Bluetooth headset often disconnect or shut down?

Internal software version is usually due to the bluetooth headset and phone are not compatible, usually by replacement or to pair can solve the problem, sometimes need to turn off your phone restart pairing and try again.

6.Bluetooth headset often disconnect or shut down?

Suggest a mobile phone test, or reset headphones, mostly due to compatibility problems.

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